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Searching: World of Darkness & Horror Blogs


Reblog if you post (even a little) about any of the following:

  • nWOD 
  • cWOD
  • Scion
  • Hunter: The Vigil
  • General Storyteller System stuff
  • Running/Playing in horror TRPGs
  • Running/Playing in mystery  TRPGs
  • If you think your blog would be interesting/useful to me but doesn’t exactly fall under what’s on the list.

If you don’t post about any of these but want to help me out, reblog and put signal boost!

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Test your Pokemon knowledge! How well do you know Pokemon?



How many of the first 151 Pokemon can you guess in ten minutes?

Warning: The quiz starts the moment you click the link!

Edit: As somebody mentioned, you do NOT have to do them in order!

My boyfriend and I did the quiz and got 147/151. Fucking pissed, ARGH. The four Pokemon we forgot were Tangela, Rhyhorn, Rhydon, and Farfetch’d.

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